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About Us

Helping people get hired and stay hired, improve their lives, and strengthen both their families and communities has been LSE’s mission for over 35 years. We started with four booklets designed to help at-risk youth find jobs. Today, we offer over 200 titles that help youth, young adults, and adults navigate life’s challenges and become life-long learners.

Whether it’s coping with an unexpected job loss, breaking the cycle of domestic violence, parenting a teen through a difficult time, creating a family budget, or finding a job when you have a record, LSE publishes booklets that can help.

The challenge many support and service organizations face today is effectively meeting the divergent needs of an increasingly diverse population. The current economy isn’t making that job any easier. More people than ever are seeking services to assist them in coping with everything from drugs and violence, to parenting and unexpected job loss. As more and more people enter your facility seeking help, how do you plan to respond?

Here’s where we can help. Our booklets have a well-earned reputation for providing concise, effective, and inexpensive information for developing the life skills so critical to a successful outcome.