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LSE booklets are designed to be versatile resources that work in multiple places. There are 3 main ways service providers use them:

  • Create lesson plans or customized curricula: Instructors can pick their choice of single topic booklets from a wide range of titles, saving hours of development time.
  • Self-directed education: Program managers put them on display racks in public areas or resource rooms, as a cost-effective way to help clients when staff is not available.
  • Counseling handouts: Case managers use them as an affordable handout that clients can take home to reinforce key points.

LSE booklets are researched and written by professionals in the fields of career counseling, health, and education, with input from subject matter experts to insure they incorporate reliable, evidence-based information. Editors review and update titles as needed to keep them fresh and current.

Price discounts are based on the cumulative total of all titles together, so customers are free to bundle multiple titles together from different programs and save more money. For example, if 3 different departments each order 1,000 pieces, the discount they all receive is determined from the 3,000 piece discount. Click here to view our price chart.

Booklets can be personalized on front and back covers with your program information to help promote programs, services, locations, community partners, etc. Our Graphics team works with you to create a design and lay it out, or offers one of our convenient templates. Personalized covers give your booklet purchase a bonus of free advertising. Orders of 5,000 booklets qualify for FREE color imprinting on the front and back covers; for booklets minimum 250 copies per title.. Click to see personalization page.

Life Skills Education is a Sole Source manufacturer and guarantees the lowest price quote on its publications. All booklet content is owned and copyrighted by Life Skills Education. and photo-copying is expressly forbidden.

Government partners cite superior content, effectiveness, and better value as decision factors. LSE also has the best range of topics for providers who must meet the widespread needs of clients from all walks of life. With a comprehensive selection all in one place, buyers save valuable time and our volume discounts save them money with generous price cuts on the cumulative total of any bundled order.

LSE work readiness topics complement and support the Work Readiness Credential and National Career Readiness Certificate and strengthen clients’ success, as reported by those product vendors.

The LSE Series for former offenders was developed with input and feedback from state and Federal corrections professionals around the country to be in compliance with evidence-based practice. Our evidence-based dossier is provided on request.