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“Very useful booklets. Written at a level people can understand but not so basic as to insult them. They help make sense out of complex topics and meet people where they’re at.

Very well-done graphically, reflecting diversity of race, gender, age so everybody can connect with them. They’re more meaty than some other resources, with solid information. They not only present information on the topic, but they include tips and pointers that help remind people of what they can do.

They are the right size for taking along so everyone gets some value from them.” ~ Federal Agency EAP Manager, DC

“I like your booklets because they are fast, easy-to-read, and to-the-point. Sometimes self-help books can be so daunting; they’re long-winded, wordy, and come with many chapters. Yours had such sound advice, I sincerely felt like everyone could learn something from them.” ~ State College, CA

“We get such a positive response from your booklets. It makes the instructor’s job so much easier! Their interactive format really helps when teaching a class. The back cover imprints also help us in promoting our services to the campus community.” ~ Community College, TX

“We find your booklets very helpful. We tried materials from another vendor, but students and staff commented that the Life Skills Education booklets had better content and were preferred overall.” ~ Community College, CA

“We built our employability curriculum around them. We were able to pick just the right titles for our needs.” ~ Community College, LA

“Many of the students who come in don’t have a lot of previous employment experience and are just starting their career planning. The booklets are easy to follow and understand, which is important. They’re also very attractive and include lots of helpful tips and guidelines. All of these features make them helpful in our workforce center, as well as in student services or the placement office.” ~ Dean of Student Services, Community College, FL

“I use other materials but the inmates really like your booklets. The covers are attractive so they get picked up and they say they’re also an easy read. We like the range of topics you have.” ~ Federal Correctional Institution, FL

“We do love the booklets. They’re written at a level that’s easy to read and helpful for the population we serve. We use them in the lobby so anyone can access them: defendants, family members, even the attorneys will pick them up to give to clients.” ~ Federal Probation Office, AL

“The ability to personalize a page gives us an opportunity to send a positive message along with educating the inmate population that I didn’t want to waste. The personalized cover is an extension of what we believe and want them to achieve.” ~ Federal Correctional Institution, CA

“The instructors like them very much and so do the former offenders. They are perfect for classes, and are also used by counselors one-on-one and for small group sessions.” ~ Community Corrections Program, NY

“We’ve tried other resources but everyone keeps coming back to the LSE booklets, I think because they’re so user-friendly. The other materials are too much to read and can’t be taken home. Your materials explain exactly what our clients need and are really helpful.” ~ State Department of Labor

“Your booklets are such a great addition to our activities. They are a quick read and very helpful. “Informational Interview” is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Your booklets really work! Many people ask for your titles and I swear by them.” ~ Career Development Program, MD

“We love your pamphlets! They’re perfect for the workshops and training we do in our Job Center. Clients really like them.” ~ Job Center, MS

“They’re very popular in our resource room, with colorful covers that attract people and get picked up. Wish I could order even more!” ~ Workforce Development Center, OH

“They’re awesome. I love the booklets! They’re easy-to-read, not too ‘jargon-y’ and written at just the right level.” ~ Workforce Center, MO

“The booklets are really well-received and are a hit! We love having them out on the displays and they are picked up all the time.” ~ Army Community Services, NC

“The staff really like your booklets, as well as the clients. I hear such great feedback on titles like ‘Your Credit Report’. They actually take them without us having to shove the handouts at them. And they keep them!” ~ Family Support Program, NE

“When I got back from Iraq and Afghanistan I was kind of lost, and your booklets were helpful. I counsel other returning vets now and plan to use your materials. It’s nice to have a resource that just works.” ~ VA Medical Center, CA

“Our program managers have done the research and when we compare your booklets to other similar products, we’ve found that your booklets work the best.” ~ Air Force Family Readiness Office, VA

“I use other resources as well but I really like the way yours are written. I like the details that are included. They help couples understand the issues which means I don’t have to work so hard trying to explain important points – with LSE booklets they get it.” ~ Army Community Services, NC

“Having Native Americans on the booklet covers has been awesome. Our display stand is constantly being re-filled.” ~ Native American High School, AZ

“We are utilizing them in a productive and positive way. We do many health fairs in our communities, and do outreach to the many entities that serve our folks. We have also used them in the lobby as an informational offering to those who are waiting to be seen. The booklets are extremely beautiful and are so culturally appropriate for our population. Thank you again for the offering and all of the work you put into getting them to us.” ~ Outpatient Treatment Manager, CA

“Patients really like them. Having the Native covers makes a lot of difference – at Health Fairs they really get picked up.” ~ Indian Health Services, OK

“I was very impressed with how well your team worked with us. I really like the materials you offer and appreciate the topics you cover which are really needed with our population.” ~ Native Health Clinic, AZ

“I use your booklets at the job fairs we do and they always go fast. They’re great – even the other agencies try to take them! We provide titles on anger and managing money as well as employment titles. The writing really speaks to them – they love them!” ~ Community Services Agency, NY

“These are perfect! They save me the time and effort of creating in-house materials. Plus we like the branding and the uniform look they give our centers.” ~ Jobs & Family Services, OH

“I love these booklets – especially ‘Depression’ and ‘Finding the Strength: How to Get Past Thoughts of Suicide’! We give them to patients in our mental health and outpatient areas, and use them at outreach events. They come in very handy. No matter the education level, they explain things so that people understand more.” ~ ​Counseling Center, PA

“There’s a wealth of knowledge that’s been collected in LSE booklets. They’re just the right length for many people today who want something that’s quick and gets right to the point. It’s powerful practical information that saves them the time of searching online. And the personalized covers are great for branding our organization and acting as a recruitment tool.” ~ Community Service Agency, TX

“I just read your booklet ‘Mature Resume’ and wanted to call you to tell you that it’s outstanding. I am an unemployed professional and it’s taken me almost a year to learn what I just read in your booklet. There are all kinds of ‘networking groups’ and ‘job clubs’ that I’ve attended but they very rarely have the practical kinds of suggestions that your booklet did. Really helpful stuff! I also read ‘Job Leads’ and ‘Changing Careers’. I can tell you that there are free seminars and professional organizations out there that charge a lot of money for information that’s not that different from the tips and exercises in your booklets!” ~ Unexpected Call from IL Job-Seeker

“I just wanted to let Life Skills Education know that I recently read “Coping with Unemployment” and “Facing a Layoff” and found these books to be extremely well organized, meticulously written and edited, and impressively published. I’ve been a technical writer for more than 20 years (until having been laid off in April) and writing your type of books is what I did for a living. Out of habit I am always closely scrutinizing other works. I’d like you to know that the two booklets I read by Life Skills Education were a phenomenon to me, having been so well put together. Hang on to your writers, and let me know if you ever need more!” ~ Workforce Training Curricula Writer, LA

“The patients and families seem to learn a lot from reading them. I recently sent information to a mother whose son had a serious suicide attempt. The mom was most appreciative and called me to let me know how the information was helpful in educating the family about suicide.” ~ ​VA Medical Center, PA